Super Crate Box Versus Trailer! from Kert Gartner on Vimeo.

Canabalt: 2 Player Trailer from Kert Gartner on Vimeo.

Data Dance: Level 1! from Kert Gartner on Vimeo.

Winnitron 1000 Game Jam from Kert Gartner on Vimeo.

The Bit Collective is

Alec Holowka

Noel Berry

Marlon Wiebe

Tom Rab

Kert Gartner

Joel Forest

The Bit Collective is a group of independent video game developers based in Winnipeg, Canada. Our goal is to strengthen and promote the local indie games scene by creating epic video trailers, hosting game jam events and building indie arcade machines.

Our current project is the Winnitron 1000, a refurbished 80's arcade machine that plays brand new games created by independent developers. The machine will be travelling to different locations in the city of Winnipeg and beyond.

We are still in the very early stages of getting our site up and running. Check back in the near future for more awesome!